One woman’s vintage is another woman’s heyday

Check out this nice vintage site, but make sure you buy from the right era!

RetroChickSpeaking of vintage, as we were re Mary Queen of Charity Shops, I just came across this site: Retro Chick, selling vintage fashion at very modest prices.

Got to be a little bit careful about that term ‘vintage’ if you’re over 40, of course.

Vintage for me means the 1960s and before. Might just get away with the 70s at a squeak, but the 80s is a definite no-no, at least if you can TELL.

There is something terribly ageing about wearing clothing from the era of your heydey, as if you can’t accept the passing years. Jumping backwards from that a decade, or preferably two, makes it cool again. 

My personal favourite era is the 1930s – I don’t think clothing has ever been so beautiful again, nor the fabrics as luscious – though I’m also quite partial to the 1920s and 1950s. The 60s, for me, you can mostly keep – it is the era of Crimpelene and nylon, sta-prest and Dacron. I remember sweating like a pig in a sandwich bag in those synthetic fabrics, and little 60s shift dresses don’t suit anyone with boobs.

That said, I do have a few silk and wool things from the 60s that are very Jackie O and out of which I get a lot of mileage. And the problem with 1930s and 1950s clothes is that the prices stroll on – you’re really into specialist stores here. 

Anyway, give the site a visit, if only to sigh at how you dressed when you were 20. 

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