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Layla Grayce is a shop designed by women for women.

Came across this lovely site the other day – Layla Grace.

The company does a high-end collection of items for home, women and children, including things like bath products, baby wear and nursery furniture, but strangely enough, I was browsing for apron designs when I found it.

Amelia apronI am a big wearer of aprons, on account of cooking a hundred times a day, and since I am often clad in one, I like to treat it as a proper dress item. But nice aprons are curiously hard to find, given how useful they are. I tend to make my own out of vintage dresses, or use vintage patterns from the 1950s, but Layla Grayce has some really pretty ones at good prices, including this gorgeous Amelia Audrey number in black and cream. 

These aprons are clearly made by one of the firm’s artisan manufacturers and strike me as very like the artisan ones I’ve found on Etsy but been unable to afford.

Roman holiday braceletA different artisan is responsible for this ‘Roman holiday’ bracelet made in Amazonite and vintage brass, and costing a tiny 49 dollars. This is one of a collection of very girly, pearly jewellery items on the site. Excellent for weddings and coming of age gifts etc. 

Bedhead pjsLayla Grayce also does gorgeous pyjamas, including this design by Bedhead, which are – heavens be – actually in flannel. Apparently Bedhead are well known in the US, having been used in various sitcoms, but I must say the name is new to me. It is so hard to find nightwear that is both warm and pretty, and I am seriously tempted for winter, especially as my favourite Derek Rose pair just fell apart after 17 years faithful service. 

I don’t know the history of this company but I’ll hazard a guess: two women who were friends and became mothers at about the same time were fed-up at the practical but ugly things on offer in the line of nursing covers, diaper bags etc and decided to either make or source their own.

I might be wrong, but Layla Grayce has a woman’s touch about it – pretty, floral versions of these kinds of staples, along with things like brocade computer bags and floral rucksacks, so you can carry out your daily tasks without sacrificing all sense of style. 

Anyway, it is well worth a wander around the site – it is a very yummy shop, particularly if you’re on the hunt for unusual things or a pampering item for yourself. And I wish I’d discovered it a fortnight ago, when I ended up toting around a bog-standard brown ripstop rucksack on top of my summer frock.



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