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Caroline Flint, former minister for Europe, is getting her knife into the Prime Minister.

Caroline FlintCaroline Flint, the Minister for Europe recently featured on these pages for her sassy fashion sense, is clearly gunning for Gordon Brown.

Flint, who resigned on Friday, has accused the Prime Minister of using women merely as ‘window dressing’ and of having women around the table ‘so that it looks like there are plenty of them’, but that in his government women don’t have any real power, are denied full Cabinet and senior positions and can’t actually spend any money.

Downing Street is understood to be outraged by Flint’s recent photoshoot in the Observer, clearly unaware that it’s possible for a woman to have both beauty AND brains, and some believe that the photos have cost Flint a cabinet seat.

Shame, it made a nice change to see an actual female in Parliament rather than having to look at their pot-bellied, balding, jowly, spavinned excuses for humanity all the time.

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