A shop by any other name

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Would smell like the Marisota catalogue, evidently.

50-plus cardiCame across an advert for Fifty Plus the other day, which I rather assumed was a catalogue for fashion for women 50-plus.

I’ll report back more when I’ve had more than a quick shufty, but it looks to be like this is near-enough a rebranding of the Marisota catalogue under a different name.

The owner, JD Williams, if memory serves, is the owner of Marisota and there appears to be a great deal of actual overlap between these two offerings, with many of the clothes being identical, including the pricing. The Fifty Plus catalogue does menswear, which Marisota doesn’t.

red coatWhen I reviewed Marisota on these pages, I mentioned that although they were intended to be an ‘outsize’ company, they actually had a lot of styling features that were useful for women in mid-life, such as decent-length skirts and tunics, and tops wide enough to get a bra strap under.  Perhaps JD Williams is cashing in on the grey pound. 

blue tunicThat said, it’s still worth taking a look. The pink shrug above, for instance, looks like a useful popover for a sleeveless dress, while this tunic top (left) is the sort of thing virtually every woman should own (one of the most flattering necklines known to womankind). The Boden-alike red coat is cute and sassy for summer, and comes at a far from Boden price of 38 quid. In fact all of the prices seem pretty reasonable, especially as there is currently a sale on. 


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