Cute as a button and a brain as big as a bus

Minister for Europe Caroline Flint had a rotten start in life, but she hasn’t let that get in her way.

Caroline FlintHere’s an article to make most women feel like underachievers.

Illegitimacy, a tough working-class background, an alcoholic mother who died young, adoptive parents who divorced, and a violent husband who left her a single mother of two were clearly no barrier to Caroline Flint, Minister for Europe.

As a constituency MP she currently represents my old home town of Doncaster, which is probably no picnic either. 

Add to that the fact that she can look like Scarlet O’Hara at the age of 47 and it’s enough to make me weep into my Horlicks. 

Anyway, worth a read if only as inspiration – and check out the link to her modelling some high-street frocks. 

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