Emin giving up sex in favour of ‘ideas’

Could be true – could Tracey Emin be growing up at last? Not likely…

Sex has stopped being the driving force in her life, says Tracey Emin. She is now, apparently, more interested in ideas

Well thank God for that.

Perhaps the British public can now avoid being shown her soiled sheets, or tents scribbled with the names of everyone she’s ever slept with, and being fobbed off with the pretence that this is, in some way, art.

Clearly not in the immediate future, however, since her latest bunch of nonsense includes a looped animation of a woman masturbating (£22,500) and a neon sign that reads: "Oh Christ I just wanted you to fuck me and then I became greedy, I wanted you to love me." Nice work if you can get it, say I.

On the other hand, in the real world it’s enough to make you weep.

Art is a wonderful thing. Every civilisation creates it, and when the civilisation itself is gone, we can judge it by the art that remains. It is the fount of human expression.

But art of any sort should not merely be about expression, it should be about communication. What has Emin’s so-called ‘art’ ever communicated? In what way does it move the viewer to sorrow or delight? In what way does it enlighten? In what way does it even amuse? It does none of these things, and therefore – IMHO – it is not art. Frankly, it’s not even decoration. What it is, is a con against the viewer and the public. 

It will be interesting to see, as Emin approaches her 50th birthday, if she can finally manage to understand that art is a collaborative enterprise between the artist and the viewer – that it should SAY something, that it should MEAN something. If could make even that small step, perhaps it would show that she had finally grown up.  

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