Romance is bunk

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Diane Warren may not be a name you’re familiar with, but you certainly know her songs.

There’s a great article here on a successful songwriter (you probably don’t recognise her name – I certainly didn’t) that made me laugh out loud.

Famous for her teary ballads, she herself has no time for the idea of a relationship and thinks the whole idea of romantic love is bunk. Earning $20 million a year in royalties alone, she describes herself as thriving on squalor and as a real East-Coast New York Jew who’s not nice enough for LA.

‘She has never felt the need to be close to another human being? "If I do feel the need, it passes – thank God. Why do I want to wake up with someone and talk to them? Yeuch. It’s like when I wrote for Aerosmith, ‘I could stay awake just to hear you breathing … ‘" She makes a disgusted face. "If someone was listening to me breathing all night, I’d throw them out the window. Preferably a high-rise…’

Worth a read for the cynics among us.

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