Ten more fashion faux-pas

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Ten more fashion must-nots for the over 40s. I think this could run and run…

In addition to our 10 frumpy mistakes, a Second Cherry reader has come up with another 10.

Per una dress1.  All those dreadful ‘gypsy’ look outfits from M&S’s Per Una range – no, they don’t suit a 60-something woman unless she wants to look like an accessory at a fairground.

2.  Crocs – I really, really don’t get them and how can anyone think a shocking pink plastic pair of oversized play-shoes look anything than ridiculous!

3.  As Trish says, short hair in ‘regulation-over-40’s-cut’. Just because we are told older women should avoid the 1661 look doesn’t mean you have to look like a school dinner lady. My husband (hairdresser) HATES the look so much, he won’t even do it!

4.  Billowing baggy ‘cropped’ pants – capri pants should be fitted and chic not resemble a flag pole at half mast.

5.  ‘Turtle neck’ anythings – leave it for our shelled friends. No-one suits them and don’t kid yourself otherwise.

6.  Massive plastic handbags with ‘bling’ – just because it has a badge on it saying ‘FleaORelli’, it doesn’t impress – you just look cheap.

7.  Fake tan – apart from legs (which DO benefit from a more becoming shade than road-mapped white). Avoid the really orangey ones though – Tesco have a brilliant one at the moment, just £3 a bottle and better than St Tropez (May 09).

8.  Nauseating ‘perfume’ or ‘body sprays’ (what are they about?). Just because Britney Spears thinks she can sing, do you really, really want to smell like her?? Stick to a signature scent…just leave a subtle powdery waft… vanilla/musk/orientals are good for older skins.

9.  Awful underwear. Yes, we CAN see your nipples in that budget bra you threw in the trolley in Asda and do you really want people to think you have four boobs? Get properly fitted and try, try, try them on. Find a style which flatters then buy loads. Don’t forget, nude underwear under white – not white.

10. And finally…. your kids. Don’t go out with your 28 year old hunk of a son. You are in danger of looking like a cradle-snatcher – he is in danger of looking desperate. Not a good look at all!

For me, items 2, 6, 7 and 8 are things ALL women should avoid, not just those of us who are old enough to know better. But gentle reader, what do you think? 

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