Multicolour jewelry for a sterling statement

These multicolour rings and bracelets from Apples of Gold look good enough to eat.

Multicolour gemstone braceletI must confess to a sudden urge to grab this bracelet and put it in my mouth when I saw it – it’s just like a sweetie. Sadly, the $800-odd pricetag is out of my range at present, but if I ever get the money together, this bangle might be right up my street.

I have a fondness for multicoloured jewelry, perhaps because it goes with everything. My Gucci watch has one of those interchangeable bezels, so I can switch it from blue to green to whatever colour I fancy that day. Similarly, my favourite necklace has semi-precious charms in a multitude of colours. Only a pity, then, that it weighs so much that it gives me a headache.

This 4.5-carat gemstone bracelet happens to have one other trick up its sleeve – it’s real – all the stones are sapphires, which would be a nice little trick of reverse snobbery, Chanel-style.

Having logged onto the company website, Apples of Gold, to see what else they have on offer I find a great deal of personalised gold jewelry (nametags, etc) that isn’t my cup of tea, but they do a very nice line in rose gold jewelry, which personally I vastly prefer to ‘gold’ gold. The higher the carat of gold, the softer the colour and although rose gold is quite low carat, it retains that warm look you see in really high-carat gold.

Gold jewelry Filigree ringCeltic ring

In its gold jewelry
Apples of Gold also does very nice wedding rings – well, nice in that they remind me of my own, which looks rather like a cross between this filigree one at $275 and this Celtic design one at $625. I like this kind of thick, chunky, statement wedding ring, especially because it’s the only ring I wear, not having an engagement ring. When you only wear one ring, you want it to count, especially when it’s signficant jewelry that has some emotional meaning for you.

Like multicoloured gemstone jewelry, two- or even three-tone gold jewelry also has the handy property of saving you having to mix and match – or from doing what one friend of mine did:  she actually had two separate wedding rings made – one for when she was wearing gold earrings and one for when she was wearing silver. Having a multicolour piece saves you that kind of bother.

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