Older and weirder

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You’ve just gotta love Cindy Sherman, whose work retains the power to be deeply unsettling.

Cindy Sherman double portraitHard to believe that these two women are actually the same person, but then Cindy Sherman has been chameleoning herself for decades.

I first came across her work when I was at college, so it must be about 28 years ago. Is that possible, I ask myself? But she was one of those women whose art I found unsettling and peculiar, like Laurie Anderson, whose ‘O Superman’ was also a hit that year. I’ve followed her doings ever since.

Now Sherman has a new exhibition on show in London (it’s already visited New York and Berlin), which is a kind of meditation on ageing and wealth. I would love to see it, especially as the images are so huge in real life, but can’t get there, so will have to content myself with this article in the Guardian, which links to some of the images. 

Enjoy. If that’s the right word…

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