Still pulling the wool over our eyes?

Is Josef Fritzl’s guilty plea just another way to gull the public?

So, Josef Fritzl has pleaded guilty to all charges and will spend the rest of his life in a psychiatric hospital.

It is the best that can be hoped for in a country where there is no death penalty (which I don’t believe in). And thank heavens no more of the taxpayers’ money need be wasted on trying him. 

I wonder, though, if his guilty plea is just one last flourish from the man. I shudder to think it, but might he have wanted to see his daughter one last time, hear her distress – less moved by it as any normal person would be than getting off on it? It’s possible, of course, that he does actually feel remorse, but it’s not normal for a sadist or a psychopath to have such feelings.

What these people ARE good at is mimicking human behaviour – so closely that they can be very plausible liars. Like pulling faces in a mirror, they try on our emotions and see what they look like. 

Oh well, I suppose that Fritzl, like Peter Kurten before him, will be an object of study for the psychiatrists, so let us hope that they can learn something. For the rest of us, it does sniff of a peculiarly Austrian sort of crime, totally imaginable in a country where people tend not to ask too many questions about their neighbours, and especially about the past.  


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