High sun protection from Avene

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If you need a total sunblock that’s still pleasant to wear, this cream from Avene is good enough to be used as a moisturiser.

Avene sunblockWith the recent sunny days that have been with us, my thoughts have turned to the coming summer and how to protect my face.

In winter I get by with my SPF 4 regular moisturiser from Lidl, but once the sun appears, I’m into total sunblock territory. With my Irish and Scottish heritage and a tendency to go simply red and then white again, I’ve been maxing out on sunblock all my life. Nicole Kidman, eat your heart out.

Last year, when I went to the chemist looking frankly ruddy with the change of season (if it’s spring, it must be eczema…), I asked what SPF the pharmacist recommended. "With your skin, maximum," she said bluntly. 

Maximum for the face turned out to be this cream from Avene, and luckily it is lovely to wear – it feels exactly like a moisturiser and isn’t white or sticky. Mostly I wear it alone, reapplying as the day goes on. It makes a serious change from the zinc-based creams I’ve had to use in the past. 

The SPF, as you can see, is 50+, which ought to be more than enough. Higher SPFs do exist for the body, but they’re usually blue in colour and leave you quite shiny. This cream is just fine for everyday use and since I just cut the tube open to get the last of it out, I know I’ll be back down the chemist’s again soon. 

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