Just a bit of harmless fun?

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A nasty little practice that the law needs to jump on.

I read about something in the Guardian the other day that I had (thankfully, being a country bumpkin) been previously unaware of – upskirting.

For those who don’t know, upskirting is the benign little monika given to the practice of sticking a camera or a mobile phone up a woman’s dress so that you can photograph her crotch. You can then post the pictures on the Internet or distribute them among your mates for a bit of a giggle.

All a bit of harmless fun, I’m sure these men think it is. Women, for obvious reasons, think differently. This kind of objectification of women is the thin of a wedge that ends in rape.  

The general nastiness and sexual weirdness of a minority of men never ceases to amaze, but surely the response to this one is simple – make the action an offence under law, with a minimum sentence of a year’s imprisonment and, say, a £10,000 fine, payable to the victim. That might make a few men think twice about behaving like utter pillocks. 

Currently there is no law against it and about the most a woman can hope for is a charge of a ‘lewd offence in a public place, much to the disappointment of the police. 



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