Wedge pillow for acid reflux

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If you suffer from reflux, this prop-up pillow is a godsend.

Acid reflux pillowOne thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned on this blog is that I have acid reflux.

It began quite suddenly, and has been exacerbated by a car crash I suffered in April 2007 – the pulling of the seat belt across my chest has caused some sort of damage. 

My reflux was at its worst at night and would routinely wake me with a choking, burning sensation. Afterwards, I’d be in pain for hours right across my chest and stomach where I’d been burned by the acid – the pain was so bad that I saw my doctor because I thought I might be having a heart attack. 

Anyway, once diagnosed, I quickly got online to see what I could find, and as well as altering my diet to remove acid foods, changing the times at which I eat, etc, I also ordered this prop-up pillow

It is a godsend. Prior to getting it I’d already chocked up the legs at the head of my bed, but my husband found anything above six inches made him start to slide downwards, so that was our upper limit. 

I’d also cobbled together a wedge pillow from one designed to prop up your legs, but it wasn’t really high enough (you can’t relieve reflux simply with extra ‘standard’ pillows because they bend you over, rather than supporting your whole upper body at the correct angle). 

This memory foam prop-up pillow is a different kettle of fish, as it is truly enormous, with a very high wedge of about eight inches, and allows you to sleep comfortably on your back with both arms and your whole upper body supported, right down to your hips. Personally, I find it more diffiult to lie on my side using the pillow, though I can turn on my right side for short periods. The lumbar rest is also great, though I don’t need the neck rest as I use an ergonomic cervical support pillow on top of the wedge pillow. 

This pillow is not cheap – in fact, it’s about the most expensive prop-up pillow out there – but I was convinced by the fact that it was designed by a reflux sufferer and by the testimonials on the site. I’ve been glad I spent the extra money. In paticular, the memory foam section, which is spliced in a layer on top of higher-density foam, makes the pillow very comfortable indeed. Buying the correct pillow cases was also a good move, as they fit snugly and don’t crease.

For anyone troubled by reflux at night, this pillow works wonders and I highly recommend it. Other users also recommend it for sinus problems, snoring and sleep apnea. 

The Prop-up Pillow costs from $144.99 from

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