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Yellow is this spring’s ‘must-have’ fashion colour.

Marc Jacobs bagYellow is THE colour for the coming fashion season, according to About.com.

Well, I’m happy not to argue.

Yellow is a good pick-me up colour for tough times (which, God knows, these are) and what could be more appropriate for spring than yellow? As any gardener knows, many spring flowers are yellow (those that aren’t are mainly blue or white, which is also a pretty good colour combination). A vase of yellow daffs or a wash of celandines appearing under the oak trees always gladdens the heart. 

Yellow is one of those shot-in-the-arm colours and works very well in accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves and bags, though you can also wear it as a garment (for total overload, check it out in Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor, yellow being the imperial colour of China). My primrose-yellow sweaters give me a fillip, worn with black or dark brown, and of all the scarves I own, possibly the most worn is a vintage yellow foulard with white polka dots. 

The yellow that About.com features is from the Marc Jacobs collection, and is quite a rich saffron colour – almost mustard, and while it might not be your first choice for an attractive shade, actually it goes with more than you might think, marrying particularly well with amber or gold jewellery and natural straw. I once had a bag this colour with brown leather trim, and it works in any season – bright enough for spring and summer, but livening up a winter coat as well. As shown, Jacobs’ yellow bag has a bit of pattern to break it up, which is nicer than a simple block of yellow.


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