Back in the land of the well

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Thank heavens for antibiotics, used in their rightful place…

Many thanks for all your good wishes over the past couple of days. I seem to be well on the mend. The cortisone/antibiotic combi has worked its wonders and the day after starting my course, the jackhammer in my head switched off. The only irritating side effect is that I haven’t slept in two nights because of the cortisone – I should just get up and paint the Forth Bridge before it wears off. 

That will be all for tonight, though, as I am off to a party. Not feeling in a very party mood, but then I never do on a Sunday evening. I’m sure I will get into the party spirit once there, and I also have to take my home-made chocolate-covered caramels (it’s a friend’s birthday and he’s chocolate mad). 

For those who’re interested, here’s the recipe:

3 cups sugar

water to dissolve

1 cup heavy cream

third of a cup of butter

Melt together and boil to soft toffee consistency (takes about 15-10 minutes). I then added cocoa powder, cinnamon and chilli to taste. Pour into a shallow buttered dish and allow to cool. Once cool, with very clean hands, roll toffee logs and dip in melted chocolate and various toppings (I’ve used hazlenuts). Cut squares of greaseproof paper and wrap each toffee individually like a Christmas cracker. Voila. 





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