Should I stay or should I go now?

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When a cold suddenly gets worse, it’s time to get medical help.

OK, I have given in. I am now officially ill.

I’ve been battling a cold for just over a week now, and doing OK with twice-daily nasal lavage and lots of TLC, but today I have suddenly gotten worse and there is no avoiding it. A trip to the doc’s is now in order – this is sinusitis. 

I know the symptoms because it’s not as if I haven’t had it before. I don’t know what it is about the Devine family sinuses, but they bung up at the drop of a hat. My sister has endless trouble with hers and my middle brother is an inveterate mouth-breather.

Nevertheless I am bogged off with it, as I have been so careful all week, and my sore throat had gone, I’d avoided bronchitis and this virus should have been well on its way. But when things suddenly turn from clear to green and you have scything pains behind your eyes and ears, it’s time to admit defeat.

The reason I take sinusitis seriously is that it’s a secondary infection, and it’s usually caused by bacteria. That means the medical profession can actually do something about it, unlike the common cold. The French do have this awful habit of going away from every consulation with a carrier bag full of medicines, half of which are completely useless, but my feeling is that I really do now need antibiotics – you can’t get rid of bacterial sinusitis without them.

Taking antibiotics is something that I generally try to avoid, because I have ulcerative colitis, and anything broad-spectrum can easily cause a flare. That can be treated with steroids, but then you’re on that medical rollercoaster that can be so difficult to get yourself off. Luckily I have a good doctor, who is very sensible about prescriptions and I trust her to prescribe something very specific and targeted. To help myself, I only take antibiotics with food, and make sure to take extra acidophilus alongside them.  

Frankly, I can’t wait to see her, and I am now off back to bed to kill the time till I can get some treatment down myself. I am tired of being a brave little bunny – I feel rubbish. 

Wish me well. 


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