Taupe to toe colour at SAG

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards brought plenty of colour to the red carpet.

ChristinaApplegateThe (Screen Actors Guild) SAG awards were the latest opportunity for the fashionistas to dress up, and the message of the day was colour.

EvaLongoriaMost bright colours were seen, from peacock blues, jades and reds, to softer butter-yellows and a surprising amount of taupe. Left is Christina Applegate in bright jade satin, and right is Eva Longoria in peach chiffon, rather going against the more columnar silhouette that was generally seen.

This move to colour is in marked contrast to the last Oscars, where most women wore black. Perhaps now that the recession is truly with us, we all need something to cheer ourselves up.

KatieHolmesThere were many assymmetric dresses (hello First Lady) with one shoulder or a side or waist cut out (Katie Holmes’ dress had the entire side cut out, which was perfectly balanced with the sleeve coverage and her youthful short hair), and there was also a lot of frou-frou, or at least frou, with one half of a gown – top or bottom according to taste – liberally festooned with ruffles, appliques or sequinned triangles.

AnneHathawayNevertheless, my favourite dress was neither coloured nor frilly – Anne Hathaway’s white columnar dress with rhinestone trim was like a classic 1930s Hollywood offering and she looked lovely in it. 

For views of more gowns, visit About.com.

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