Couleurs Nature eyeshadow duo

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Yves Rocher’s Couleurs Nature long-lasting eyeshadow duo is a handy all-in-one liquid eye shadow.

EyeshadowI’m quite a big fan of Yves Rocher, partly because it once seemed so exclusive shopping in London in St Christopher’s Place, and of course it tries hard to be natural and eco-friendly – but also because my local shop are so sweet when it comes to wrapping everything beautifully.

This eyeshadow duo is worth its weight in gold and I wear it a lot. I like products where you get two for the price of one, and the mixture of dark brown with a light bronze is a good duo once you hit 40 and need to start basing your eyeshadow on neutrals. It claims to last for eight hours and in fact I’ve found it great for all-day wear.

Liquid shadows are useful on an ageing eye because they stop you from looking chalky. Just a quick dot is all you need, then spread it around with your fingers to get the shade and density you need. Work quickly before it dries, or if you can’t, use a dot of eye cream first.

You need hardly any of the darker colour in this duo – it’s darker than you think – and Yves Rocher themselves recommend that you first apply the lighter colour over the whole eyelid, then a layer of the darker colour just on the outside corner of the eye.

Couleurs Nature long-lasting eyeshadow duo in Smoky Dawn. £4.95 from Yves Rocher. 

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