Looking good on a budget

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As the times they are a-changing, how about some help with looking chic on a budget?

Since times are tight and we all need a little help to look good, I thought I’d trawl Amazon and see what’s out there for those of us who have a beer income but champagne fashion tastes.

I can’t recommend any of these books personally, but they all look worth a punt. Maybe I should write my own…

How to be a budget fashionista, by Kathryn Finney. 

I’m sure most of us are familiar with Kathryn’s blog, The Budget Fashionista, which is always worth a visit. This book is very definitely for the American reader, dealing as it does with outlet malls, shopping at Sears and other things that Europeans aren’t familiar with, but it gets nearly five stars on Amazon, so current readers are clearly very happy with it. 

Closet smarts, by Emily Neal

Written by an image consultant, this book, which also gets four and a half stars on Amazon, is all about going shopping in your own closet – something I’m a big fan of. We all know those horrible stats about how few of our clothes we wear (about 30 per cent), and one reason is that we buy stuff that doesn’t go with our other stuff. In theory, after reading this book, you should be able to make your existing clothes work better for you without spending a fortune on new things. 

Secondhand Chic by Christa Weil

"Pointers not just on finding great buys in consignment, thrift, vintage, and resale shops, but for quality shopping in general," according to one ecstatic reviewer. This book covers how to get great clothes second-hand, including how to buy online. Again, aimed at the American reader. 

Any or all of these books might be a good stocking filler for the fashionista in your life – even if it’s yourself. 



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