Second Cherry launches Etsy store

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I’ve now opened a store on Etsy, selling my beaded necklaces.

Pretty in pink necklaceThose of you who know me personally know that I have a passion for beading. With that in mind, I’ve now opened a store on Etsy, selling my beadwork jewellery.

Called Sabisuki (Japanese for ‘a love of patina’), at the moment this consists of necklaces, but in the future I’ll be adding bracelets, brooches and other accessories.

I’ve been a beader a long time – I started out about 25 years ago when I was at college, making regular trips to The Bead Shop in London’s Covent Garden and making endless pairs of earrings for myself and my friends. Over the years, my beading style has evolved into something complex, asymmetric and richly detailed, using a variety of vintage and modern beads on interwoven strands, often with multiple charms to give movement. 

Blue Lagoon necklaceBasically, since I know the value of a good accessory, I make what I would like to wear myself. That way, I feel honest about what I do. I also never repeat a piece – each item is unique. The truth is, I couldn’t make the same thing again even if I tried – many of the beads are one-offs, handmade or vintage, or recycled from vintage clothing, so a design can never be precisely replicated. 

In the early days, my favourite beads were lampworks and foils, and I still have a real fondness for these, with the addition of baroque and cultured pearls and semi-precious stones such as agates and quartz. I’m also mad keen on vintage materials of all kinds, and often buy damaged clothing and jewellery just to recycle the materials. This jewellery style is also a good way to use old or broken jewellery of my own, such as rings that no longer fit. 

Scarlet Diva necklaceHaving started out simply stringing, I later taught myself wrapped techniques and how to make my own chains and linkages, enabling me to create articulated jewellery, mainly in sterling silver wire. Then, following a trip to Brittany some years ago, I became enchanted by seashells and seaglass, which I often drill and wrap with wire and beads. I also make my own beads in fabric and polymer clay.

I’ve made a lot of jewellery for family members and friends, and now it’s been suggested that I make some for sale, so here are some examples. I have about nine items on Etsy today but more will be added shortly, as I can get them photographed. I hope you like my work, and if you fancy something custom-made, do get in touch.

🙂 Trish

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