Fashion sales soar despite the downturn

As the economy tanks, British women are still buying clothes.

It looks like nothing can stop the British woman’s love of fashion.

As the economic downturn continues, fashion sales – to the surprise of many – are apparently rising. 

Economists think it’s because people can’t afford larger items, such as a washing machine or a fridge, so instead, we girls are treating ourselves to something to wear instead. Twenty quid on a top is going to go a lot further than £200 towards a washing machine, after all.

It’s interesting in general to see what’s selling and what isn’t in this time of economic crisis. The head of Waitrose, for instance, yesterday said that the company’s ‘Better than going out’ range of high-end ready meals is selling in shedloads. Presumably the people who would once eat out on a Friday night are now eating in instead, but pushing the boat out ever so slightly. Hard on the restaurateurs, of course, among whom we number some of our friends.

Another area that is selling well, according to Thornton’s, is chocolates. Well, who wouldn’t want some choccies when they’re feeling blue?  And again, a few quid in Thornton’s will go a lot further to cheering you up than spending it on a holiday – or even in Starbucks, where a latte costs half the national debt. 

I notice too, from telly advertising, that kitchens are for sale at 40 per cent discounts. I think that might be tempting for a lot of people who now find themselves in negative equity and decide, instead of moving, to do up their existing place instead. Let’s not forget that the last DIY boom came because of exactly the same problem back in the 1990s – when you’re stuck in a house you don’t like much, you may as well change it to suit you.

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