Yet more horrors from the Fritzl house

Evidently Josef Fritzl hated his mother as much as he ‘loved’ his daughter, but the end result was very similar.

Well, Josef Fritzl just gets nicer and nicer, doesn’t he?

On top of having incarcerated his daughter and raped her for most of her life, it now appears that he also bricked up his mother in a windowless attic for as much as 20 years. Mummy upstairs, daughter in the cellar and family life going on the floors inbetween. Really, it beggars belief. 

It was all her fault, of course, not his. In keeping with many, if not most, serial killers/multiple rapists/mass murderers, he blames his mother for all of his actions. She beat him, belittled him, never gave him a moment’s peace.

And when he gained power over her, he turned the tables. 

Sadly, it’s all too common a scenario. I remember sitting as a teenager, open-mouthed, as Edmund Kemper, the co-ed killer, blamed his mother for every one of his ills. Murderer, decapitator and necrophile as he was, it was obviously all mummy’s fault for locking him in the basement when she feared he would molest his sisters. Old Ma Kemper was certainly a nutter, but nowhere near as much as her son, who ended up killing ten people, most of them young girls. 

Well, what is to be done with someone as far off the scale as Fritzl? He is clearly off his rocker by anyone’s standards, but whether he’s ‘responsible for his actions’ in a legal sense remains to be seen and no doubt the psychiatrists will continue to pick and poke at him to see what they can find.


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