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The Conservatory offers arty, interesting clothes in natural fabrics that are great for the over-40s babe.

My mate Susi pointed me at this great site the other week – The Conservatory.

Crea Concept Dress I am madly jealous, as she’s just bought this gorgeous dress by Crea Concept there, which cost nearly my entire annual budget for clothes, books AND music. I LOVE this, with its subdued colour, lovely fabric and asymmetry, and it makes my fashion muscles twitch.

Susi is a jeweller, and a very creative, arty person, so she will look great in it.  

Crea Concept raincoat I, on the other hand, would, she says, look great in this trenchcoat by the same company, and so I would…sigh. Trouble is, I already have a couple of trenchcoats, so I can’t justify the purchase. And now it’s sold out, which for my sins is probably just as well… The only people who’d get to see me in it anyway would be the local cows. 

Oh la.

It’s nice to see such an arty, individual approach to clothes taken by The Conservatory (I hadn’t heard of them, but they now have several Independent Retailer awards, apparently), and they now go firmly on my list of art-to-wear retailers, along with the likes of Wall.

Bottega dressI would probably buy everything on this site, given my druthers. This dress by Bottega di Brunella, for instance, is the sort of thing that makes my teeth ache – in gorgeous, whisper-thin crinkled linen over a cotton lining, and with a toning blazer, it is the sort of thing I could happily wear for the rest of my life. 

If I had that sort of life… 


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