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The nation’s over-50s are making more time for sex than ever before, according to a survey for Yours magazine.

A new survey commissioned by Yours Magazine and SYLK has revealed that the nation’s over-50s are making more time for sex than ever before. 

With more privacy, less stress and fewer chances of being interrupted by little visitors, a massive 86 per cent said sex is better now than ever before.

There is no lack of adventurous spirit either. With inhibitions out of the window, one in ten has made love in an outdoor public place in the past year. Sexual gymnastics also take place throughout the house with 83 per cent admitting to having sex in the sitting room, kitchen and bathroom.

Among single over-50s, just 6 per cent would sleep with someone on the first date, but after four dates almost half would head for the bedroom with little persuasion.  Almost half of all singles would also date someone ten years younger and take full advantage of their energy levels!

Obviously, practice makes perfect as, on average, those surveyed are making love 66 times a year with those living in the North East topping the charts at an average of 94 times a year. Maybe it’s those long winter nights…

Valery McConnell, Editor of Yours magazine, said: “This survey is proof that sex and passion are not a prerogative of the young. Whether you are married or single, physical love plays a key part in our readers’ lives – indeed as they get older it just gets better. It seems that they have the wisdom to know that romance, intimacy and friendship are key ingredients to a great love life. Once again, the world needs to catch up with the reality of life today. Where sex is concerned, just like everything else, 50 really is the new 30.”

Commenting on the findings, ‘sexpert’ Julie Peasgood added: “It is great to see from this research that love lives and fun still flourish when you hit 50, but caution has to be taken. 53 per cent of those dating didn’t use barrier contraception, even though they claimed they knew the risk of STIs. Being mature doesn’t make you immune to infection.”

The full survey is published in Yours magazine, issue 42, available in UK newsagents.

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