In the midst of chaos, peace is beginning to appear

Swapping around our bedroom and home office is no mean feat and I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

Just a quick blog this morning, as we are in the middle of an office move. 

In the usual Chinese puzzle fashion of our house, given that all the rooms are occupied, this has meant moving the bedroom into the sewing room, the office onto the landing, then the office into the former bedroom and the bedroom into the former office. And carting everything up a flight of very tight stairs with a bend in it. 

The house looks like a paper mill exploded inside it – I reckon we will cart at least five 120-litre sacks of rubbish out of the house, the vast majority of it paper – old magazines, old cuttings, old source material, out of date accounts…We do try to stay on top of it, we really do, and we aim to have big chuckouts twice a year, but all the same it builds up.  

It will be a while before the sewing room and landing are back to normal, but the weird thing is that we seem to have gained floor space everywhere, just by moving things around. Our old bedroom was enormous, but the new one is still very spacious and has the advantage of a huge cathedral ceiling, which we now lie looking up at – visual space rather than floor space.

Meanwhile, the office – the former bedroom with its low ceilings – has so much more floor space that we’ve been able to create a seating area for coffee breaks, and allow for much more shelving. Strangely enough, even the landing seems huge now that we’ve moved our giant daybed into the bedroom and tucked it under a beam – in the new bedroom it seems unobtrusive, but on the landing it was like a whale in a teapot. 

Just goes to show you, you can live in a place for 11 years and still find you’ve been doing it all wrong.  

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