Elila’s Cheeky panties give you perfect buns and a budge-free fit

Elila’s Cheeky panties give a perfect budge-free fit.

Elila Cheeky panties front Elila’s Cheeky panties are shapewear, which I didn’t know until mine arrived in the post, courtesy of Amazon. I haven’t worn shapewear since I was a fat teenager and my mum forced me into these things in an attempt not so much to curtail my puppy fat as to make sure I had no chance to lose my virginity. So the idea of them being shapewear put me off slightly. But it needn’t have. These knickers are lightweight control, come up to your waist and don’t budge. They are as comfortable to wear as ordinary knickers. The front, solid section is shaped like a brief with lace legs, and the back section is shaped to grab hold of your buttocks properly and not let go.

  The power lace is a nice change from a plain fabric – why more manufacturers don’t do this I can’t imagine, as they look and feel very feminine when on – even the DH approved, saying they looked very Madonna-ish. I would love a full body or two in this stuff.

Elila panties back There is no show at all under clothing, including thin trousers, and neither the sturdy waistband, nor the lace edges roll with wear. Once you put them on, you forget they’re there.

Because they’re shapewear they don’t come in very small sizes, unfortunately, but the sizing seems a little odd to me in any case. I bought a ‘large’ (the smallest size), and these fit me very well at a UK size 10 (US 8), so that might give you an idea.  

 Elila Cheeky panties come in black, purple and white and are available from Figleaves US (US delivery only), and for delivery to Europe via Amazon.com.  

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