Bodywrap shaper – long leg, high waist

The long-leg high waist shaper from Bodywrap is a useful adjunct to a wardrobe.

Bodywrap long-leg high-waist shaper Since I had a small amount of dosh to splash out recently, I decided to buy some investment underwear. Underwear, note – not lingerie. I got myself some bras (reviews later), and for the first time, a proper bodyshaper.

Why a shaper? Well, I’m not generally in favour of controlwear, preferring to exercise and build muscle to keep a good bodyline. But there are times when you might benefit from a shaper under your clothes. One of those, for me, came last Christmas, when I wore a vintage dress that closed with press-studs at the waist. Wearing a shaper under this kind of garment holds your flesh in, so you don’t creates any strain on the actual garment.

The shaper I chose was the one I thought would tick the most boxes – long leg, for a smooth outline under tight jeans; high waist to prevent muffin top; and flesh-coloured as being the most versatile colour. The product I chose was by Bodywrap, which does a wide range of shapers, from strapless bra to full bodysuits with capri-length legs. Bodywrap products are considerably more expensive than makes like Spanx, but they get much better reviews on Figleaves

When it arrived, my first thought was that the product was immensely tiny – about the size of a packet of tights. But it’s very stretchy. It’s not hugely visible on the photograph, but there are different areas of control, with a bit less at the buttocks, so it gives you a nicely rounded bum. It doesn’t dig in at the leg or waist, so you don’t get blobs of fat appearing where the shaper ends, as you used to get 20 years ago. The crotch has a wrapover design, so you don’t have to take it off to pee, but can go through the gap – not my cup of tea, personally, but I suppose if you’re in a skintight evening gown, you need this kind of flexibility.

It’s also surprisingly comfortable. Generally, I like my clothes to be loose, and there was some initial shock about how pulled in I felt in this, but after a while I forgot I was wearing it.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t sure I would ever get much use out of it, until I realised that it was also supporting my back. I have a back problem of long duration, for which I do 40 minute of purgatorial yoga every morning, and I wear a back brace whenever I have to lift anything, or do the garden. However, you can’t bend or eat wearing a back brace, so you have to take it on and off constantly. But the Bodywrap gave me gentle, all-over back support that was very effective. I would definitely wear this for activities that are taxing for my back but where I have to bend. 

So, overall, four out of five – it loses one star for being ugly as sin and a complete passionkiller, and also because despite its claims, it does roll slightly at the top. But you can’t have everything, and I’m still glad it’s in my wardrobe. 

The Bodywrap long-leg high-waist shaper is widely available. I got mine from Undercover Experience


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