Panties for peace – send your knickers to Burma to end the fascist regime

Want to end the rule of the junta in Burma? Then send them your knickers.

Believe it or not, that’s what a bunch of women in Canada are currently doing, according to a story on

In Burma, powerful men consider women to be inherently inferior and the military is said to have a superstitious belief that contact with women, or with female clothing, will weaken their strength.

The campaign to send knickers – preferably ones which have been worn – to the military was begun as a peaceful protest by women in Burma. Not only is it intended to put the junta to shame, it highlights the regime’s record of rape and sexual enslavement of the country’s women.

"It’s been very well documented that rape has been used as a weapon of war in Burma. Soldiers go into villages and they systematically rape women. They have also used women as sexual slaves," said Mika Levesque, spokesperson for activist group Rights and Democracy.

In Canada, the campaign is being co-ordinated by Rights and Democracy alongside the Quebec Women’s Federation.

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