Making a cult out of beauty – great new site for one-off beauty products

If you’re looking for the best make-up sponges, eyelash curlers, foundation or face cream, check out this new UK-based beauty site.

Cult Beauty, a new beauty website and glossy magazine, is now online.

The site aims to be the online arbiter for the best cult hair, beauty and grooming products from around the world. In order to remain independent, it does not accept beauty advertising.

The website will champion cult products that each stand out as the ‘hero’ product in their respective fields – products will be sourced and suggested both by Cult Beauty’s own experts and by users. In other words, it’ll be the best place to find those one-off products that can’t be sourced outside the major cities. This could be a godsend for people like me, who live 40 miles from the nearest beauty shop and have to order everything online.

"We want to do for beauty what Net-a-porter has done for fashion – bringing the once inaccessible, undiscovered and elite gems in beauty to everyone," said Jessica Moore, the firm’s managing director.

To use Cult Beauty, just visit the site and register. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can then browse to your heart’s content by new item, colour, type of product, etc. The icons tell you if the product is animal-friendly, and you’re given directions on how to use it. You can also do an advanced search by your skin type, hair colour etc.

After logging on, within seconds I spotted a flesh-coloured kohl liner of the kind I’ve been searching for for years. It’s the Clarifying Pencil by 3 Custom Color and I will be ordering it right away. I’ve used white and pale pink kohl liners for years as an eye brightener, and they work like a charm, but if you want to touch up and not have it noticeable, a flesh-toned pencil is the way to go – and you can also use it as a spot concealer.

Cult Beauty delivers throughout the UK and Europe for a flat rate (£4.95 UK, £14.95 Europe).

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