High heels and glitz for Sex in the City – the movie

The girls pull out all the stops for the Sex in the City premiere.

I could hardly let today go by without a mention of the Sex in the City premiere that took place in London yesterday.

The stars were out in force to promote the new film, expected to be in their finest rig, and indeed they were. It would be nice to have pix, but I can’t find any that are copyright free, so click here to see pictures.

I had also better confess at this point to never having seen the TV programme. Other than that it introduced the polloi to Manolo Blahniks, which were already well-known in London, I really know nothing about it. Some say it’s feminist and some say it’s fluff, and some say it’s a bit like Bridget Jones’ Diary, but frankly that would be bad news for me – never in the history of time has such utter trash been foisted on women as in BJD.

Well anyway. Sarah Jessica Parker looked very pert and pretty in a green, flirty strapless dress by Alexander McQueen and a mad hat by Philip Treacy. Parker does always have her look together, so this should be no surprise, though I’m guessing this outfit was a touch more for her character than her normal clothes – especially the heels. I liked her as an actress in State and Main, and she was great in Ed Wood, complete with prosthetic nose. In fashion terms I know her mainly for her Bitten range of clean-lined basics that retail for under $20 a pop. All I know of Carrie Bradshaw is that she was written as a walking fashion disaster but ended up becoming a style icon, much to the surprise of all concerned.

Kim Cattrall is also familiar to me as hot totty in many a men’s magazine, which is pretty remarkable given that she’s 52 – gives every girl hope really. And she looked splendid in a red off-the-shoulder asymmetric number from Viv Westwood. Knowing Westwood, this dress will have been so stiffly corseted that it could stand up on its own, but her frocks definitely make the most of a girl’s assets, even if you can’t breathe or eat while wearing one.

The other two actresses – Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon – are mostly unknown to me (though I remember Davis from an episode of Larry Sanders and Nixon from Igby Goes Down). Davis’s red dress was modest and pretty, quite English in fact – a high necked red number with an asymmetric hem, while Davis was clearly showing off her credentials as a breast cancer survivor by wearing a deeply plunging black dress with the top cut to the waist. This is a tad too Hollywood for London, to be honest, but we’ll give her a pass. At least she didn’t get it as horribly wrong as the WAG tart who turned up in a pink strapless satin mini (why not a Bunnygirl outfit?).

As for the film, we’ll have to wait and see – it’s not released here until May 28 and when it reaches this neck of the woods it’ll be dubbed into French, so I won’t be watching it either. But from what I understand, it carries on with the girls in their 40s and in Cattrall’s case her character has a 50th birthday. That can only be a good thing but I do wish US cinema would catch up with the French in terms of portraying women in their 40s and 50s. Carole Bouquet, Isabelle Huppert, Catherine Frot, Charlotte Rampling, Monica Bellucci, Kristin Scott-Thomas et al are never out of work in this country, and seeing women in sexy roles even into their 60s is just par for the course.

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