Madonna does it again – still in great shape for her age

There’s been some negative press about Madonna being ‘too sexy’ on the cover and promos for her new album Hard Candy. Balls to that, say I.

blog imageMadonna’s new album came out a couple of days ago and is expected to make the Number 1 slot in about a week. Described as in club mode but this time with an added urban hip hop beat, she’s also promoting it with a series of sexy videos and a raunchy cover showing herself in a leotard and thigh-high boots.

Well honestly, what do people expect? Slippers and a furry dressing gown? Madge has always played on her sexy image, and since she’s still in fantastic shape at 49, I don’t see any reason why she’d change it. Tina Turner was rockin’ on well into her 50s. The Rolling Stones are at it in their 60s. I hope Madge will do it till she drops off the twig.

blog imageWhat strikes me is that all the negative press is to do with her sexiness and not the actual music, which seems to be pretty universally agreed on as excellent. Madge has always chosen good producers and collaborators of all kinds, and this became really noticeable about the time she used William Orbit for her Ray of Light album. She’s also a very astute cookie. She knows that she hasn’t got the world’s greatest voice, or body, or dance ability. What she does have is a talent for her talent, which is crucial in a performer. She surrounds herself with ability, sings the best she can, dances the best she can, keeps herself in great shape and works like a dog. I don’t think anyone would attend a Madonna concert and go away feeling cheated.

At what age is a woman supposed to stop being raunchy, I wonder? When it feel comfortable for men? Bollocks to that. Madonna still has a body most 20-year olds would envy and the kind of face that just makes me wish I’d been born with a chin. More power to her.


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