Fabulous Carla – Carla Bruni takes the UK by storm

Alright – she’s over 40, so how could I not write about Carla Bruni, who has taken the UK by storm?

blog imageShe’s all over the papers in her Dior suit (and also, in other papers, without much on at all – very nice timing). Bruni, wife, as we all know, of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, has done what no-one thought she would – got the British press to roll over and have their tummies tickled. Their love affair with her is much to the bemusement of the French, who haven’t got much time for Bruni.

The truth is, she looks bloody fabulous on her trip. Poised, elegant, sexy as hell. Any woman who wouldn’t want to look like her is probably nuts. There’s no point in envying women like this any more than there is in envying Stephen Hawking’s intellect. Some people have got it and some people haven’t, and Bruni has got it in spades. That’s why she’s a millionairess.

She’s also fulfilling a media role that’s been left vacant a long time. The world has been looking for a style icon since Diana snuffed it and maybe they’ve found it in Bruni. There hasn’t really been a decent contender since then – the Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan flibbertigibbets can’t hold a candle to an older woman who knows how to dress. And Bruni’s husky voice and Euroland accent don’t hurt either. "Whuhuf," my husband keeps saying (I think that’s the word) whenever she appears. "Whuhuf."

Let’s face it, Bruni did look pretty whuhuf when she got off the plane in her oh-so-demure grey suit. More Chanel than Dior, if the truth be told, but I’m willing to bet John Galliano knows a good thing when he sees it (guess who else’s name is all over the papers?) and also that they’re mates. They’ve known each other long enough, and they were almost certainly in high collusion over her ‘British relooking’ for her first state visit to Blighty. Even Camilla gave a smile of delighted surprise – as most women seem to who see Bruni.

There was also a touch of surprise that Bruni also dressed quite so elegantly and finely for other events, including a long-table black-tie do at Windsor Castle, and a charity event where her purple coat sang out on the podium. But people forget she is posh totty if ever there was. The daughter of a wealthy Italian industrialist, she’s hobnobbed with high-rollers her whole life. She’s not some dumb-ass from hicksville with a straw between her teeth.

You also don’t get to be a supermodel by not knowing how to look good, especially in photographs. Supermodels have a sixth sense for where the cameras are; they know how to position their arms and legs in pictures; they understand colour balance and line. That’s how come you get to stay at the top for 10 years. Anybody else notice how Bruni glididided up the steps to meet the Queen? It was if she’d willed herself up there on wings – only catwalk models and dancers walk like this. And the tippy-toe stance of her neat little shoes – a trick that got her the front cover of the Independent, which is unheard of. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail ran an article on how to duplicate Carla’s looks by buying from charity shops…

So – sigh – she looked great and I have nothing more to say about her really. Except that her French album is great, btw, and well worth buying. It should be annoying that someone this gorgeous can also sing, but no-one said life was fair, did they?


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