50 Years of Everyday Fashion – book review

This bookazine from Yours magazine is a good, meaty read.

The UK’s Yours magazine, aimed at women over 50, has published a ‘bookazine’ called 5o Years of Everyday Fashion (£4.99 from newstands and bookshops).

The bookazine format works well for a publication of this sort, allowing you to print larger photos than normal – especially important when many are snapshots from domestic cameras rather than magazine-quality. The reason they’re domestic is that the magazine obviously asked its readers to send in snapshots of themselves wearing fashionable clothes. Many have obliged from every decade, giving the reader an at-a-glance comparison between what the stars were wearing and everyday streetwear of every era from the Second World War onwards.

For some, it will be a stroll down memory lane while for others it will be an eye-opener. People forget quite how recently a dress or a coat was a major purchase, and how a woman who was handy with a needle could transform herself while all around her looked frumpy.

I love these kinds of books, showing real people in real clothes and I enjoyed flicking through this bookazine. Get it while it lasts – on sale till the end of April.

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