Instant facelift – how you can rid yourself of under-eye circles with a new trick

A new way to wear concealer that gives you a real lift.

A lot of us birds over 40 use concealer to hide under-eye circles, and we normally choose yellow (the idea being that this covers the blue better). However, I’ve just come across a new colour that works – pale salmon pink.

The advice I saw was to slap on pale salmon-pink concealer under your eyes to give you an ‘instant face lift’. I didn’t have any pale salmon-pink concealer (does anybody?), and my pink eyeshadows were a bit dark (the result was more ‘punch-in-face’ than perky), so I tried using a paleish concealer and topping it off with blusher. It worked brilliantly – definitely knocked out the blueness under the eyes.

Blusher also works well if, after you’ve done your cheeks, you rub a little (a very little) on your forehead, temples and chin to tie your whole face together. At this rate I may end up with blusher all over my face, but I certainly felt that the under-eye technique made me look perky and gave me a boost. Try it and see if you like it. Sephora does a highlighter range that includes pink, so I might give that a try.

On the other hand, if you fancy a more drastic boost for a special evening, check out this YouTube video. It involves sticking bits of tape to your skin and hoicking it back up your face with straps. I can just see me doing this and the whole thing collapsing in the middle of dinner….

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