Elila knickers available in Europe

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As you may know if you read this blog, I have been trying to chase down a particular pair of pants for some time now – well I’ve finally found them.

The reason I am having so much trouble finding knickers is that I am a boyshorts wearer. I used to wear French knickers, in the style Americans call tap pants, but for some reason these now seem hard to find – and they’re difficult to wear under jeans. But the problem with boyshorts is that they’ve changed style in the past five years. This is the kind of thing that drives me nuts in fashion. I know why it’s happened too – it saves the manufacturers money.

Once a design that grabbed hold of your bum and stayed there (thank you Sloggi shorts), boyshorts now all seem to be low-waisted and cut up both cheeks of your behind so that you spend all day pulling a wedgie out of your crack. Great. The Sloggis are still wonderful, but they’re a bit of a passion-killer. Why, I wondered, could nobody come up with a prettier version?

blog imageEnter Elilia’s ‘Cheeky’ panty, which looks to me like the perfect knickers I’ve been looking for.

They have a lace back, lace sides and a microfibre front, and reviews show them to be 5-star, invisible under clothing and budge-proof. Yehey, I thought. But no sooner had I found them, at Figleaves.co.uk, than they were discontinued.

I was gutted. I tracked them down on Amazon.com, but no joy – the shipper wouldn’t send to Europe. And Figleaves’ US site stock them, but they won’t ship international orders, which have to come from the UK. The same went for several other US sites, and although the pants turned up occasionally on Ebay, they were never in my size (Large, which is the smallest they do – equivalent to a UK 14).

But now I’ve found them. Once again on Amazon.com, but from a different vendor, so I’ve ordered three pairs and they’d better be good – £16-odd a pair is more than I’ve ever paid for knickers in my life, as I am a devotee of the pack-of-five cotton cheapies from M&S.

Anyway, I look forward to having my buns properly harnessed very soon. Ladies, I’ll let you know how I get on. 🙂

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