High heels could boost your sex life

It’s official (well official-ish) – high heels are good for you.

blog imageAccording to a news story in the Daily Mail this morning, wearing moderately high heels of 2 inches and above could be beneficial for your pelvic floor muscles.

Research by Italian urologist Maria Cerruto found that women who raise their feet to a 15-degree angle (roughly the equivalent of a 2-inch heel) had 15 per cent less electrical activity in their pelvic floor muscles. This means that the muscles are more relaxed and therefore able to contract better.

"Women often have difficulty in carrying out the right exercises for the pelvic zone and wearing heels could prove to be the solution," says Dr Cerruto.

Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik greeted the news with alacrity, but added that he felt shoes over 4 and a half inches in height were just too much.

To read the full story, click here.

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