The Girls’ Guide to Losing Your L-Plates – learning to drive – book review

If you haven’t already learned to drive and you’re past 40, it can seem like a giant hurdle, but journalist Maria McCarthy has done it, and now is giving us the benefit of her experience.

blog imageIn the UK, the roads are busier and more packed with traffic than ever, and the pass rates for the driving test are getting ever lower. But all is not lost.

Maria McCarthy has written a book ‘The Girls’ Guide to Losing Your L Plates – how to pass your driving test’ because she herself didn’t pass her test till she turned 40 and she happily admits that she considers it one of the major achievements of her life.

Her book is aimed specifically at women, and covers the nitty gritty of how to find the right instructor (and tactfully extricate yourself from the wrong one), going out practising with family and friends without wrecking your relationship (or their car), coping with driving test nerves and tips on getting the best car insurance.

Maria also deals with a multitude of other issues, including:

* budgeting for the cost of your lessons

* learning to drive if you’re pregnant or have a disability

* the best shoes to learn in

* the ten most common reasons for driving test failure(and how to avoid them) and

* the truth about driving test myths

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