Way to go, Hillary – Hillary Clinton making a comeback

Great to see Hillary Clinton making a ‘comeback’ in the primaries.

blog imageI can’t believe the crap this woman has to put up with. It’s not enough for her to be intelligent, experienced, competent, committed and ambitious (not generally considered a fault in the male of the species), she has to field bloody silly questions like: "How do you feel about people not liking you?"

Well, big whoop. Do they really expect her to care? I loved her reply of: "Well, that hurts my feelings," said with a slight smile that will doubtless incense the banjo-pickin’ God-botherers of the flyover states.

I loathed Thatcher, but I can’t imagine anyone asking that old battleaxe such a mind-numbingly patronising question. To start with, no-one would have dared. Nor Angela Merkel. Nor Indira Ghandi. Americans prefer their female politicians more cuddly and fluffy than this and it looks like Hill’s surge in popularity may well be due to a well-timed tear in the eye when talking about the future of the country. Gee, you mean, she has feelings too?

When Bill Clinton was campaigning to be president, Hillary got inveigled into baking cookies on prime-time telly just to prove she was really a woman under it all. Under what all? She certainly has a womb and ovaries, unless she gestated Chelsea in a box – in my book the possession of a double-x chromosome is pretty good qualifying criteria for femalehood. So why is the concept of her also being one of THE most successful lawyers in the US such a threat? We all know she’s wealthy enough to buy store-bought cookies, so why does anyone feel the need to pretend that she really knows where the kitchen is? Do Americans really have nothing better to worry about than this?

The whole of the US political process is a crock of shit, with the evangelicals hijacking entire caucuses and people who should be on the same side – not even natural adversaries in a normal world – being forced to compete as if they were the worst of enemies. The victory usually belongs to those with the biggest wallets. Luckily, Hill’s is bigger than most.

Ye gods.

Anyway, let’s hope she can keep her act together and become the first female president of the United States. If that benighted country finally takes its head out of its backside, it might finally end up with – y’know – stuff that we’ve had in Europe for 50 years: like a national health service, and a functioning social security system, and a judicial process that doesn’t execute its own citizens.

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