All-in-one makeup

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My friend Susie put me onto this product the other day.

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Go Natural is an all-in-one makeup. Basically it’s a heat-activated bronzer: you just apply it to your face, adding a bit extra where you want more effect, such as lips, eyes and cheeks and voila, claim the manufacturers, you look healthier and fully made up.

Those claims are pretty big, but Susie says she’s very happy with the results, and it’s perfect for her lifestyle, as she doesn’t really like wearing makeup and this stuff takes just a minute to apply. The compact comes with a range of applicators, and one colour suits all.

Worth a shot anyway, for those who like to make up and go, or for those who would like to try wearing makeup but aren’t sure where to start.

It’s about $40, which with the current exchange rate is a bargain. Click here for details, and before and after pictures on women of all ages and races.

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