Time to turn professional

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Oof. Or, as the French say, ouf. We’re knackered. But my wardrobe is a lot emptier now.

We did our ‘vide-grenier’ stall at the local craft fair this weekend, taking along CDs, videos, collectibles and clothing. Lots of clothing… We made about the same amount of money as last year – very gratifying, but also a tad embarrassing as people, just as they did last year, kept asking where my shop was and did I have a card. It’s slightly galling to admit, therefore, that these were all MY clothes, that I sold several cubic metres-worth last year, and that this is still just the tip of the iceberg. Mmn.

So, what were people buying? (When I say people, of course, I mean women.) Well, the sequinned and beaded vintage cardis certainly drew them in, arrayed as they were around the walls so they would glitter from a distance, but this didn’t do it – only one of them sold. Nor did blouses, shoes or trousers sell (too hard to try on in public?). But leather skirts, mink coats, mink jackets ("It hasn’t got nits, has it?"), knitwear, vintage dresses – these went like hot cakes. And the odd vintage haori (a kind of short kimono). People also kept wanting the sari that was draped around the cheval glass, so in the end I sold it although it was meant to be set-dressing.

We made a chuck-out charity trip to Emmaus on the way back, having picked out a few last things for friends.

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