What is this?

I had the usual boyhood crush on aeroplanes, but it didn’t really turn into a passion until, as a journalist/photographer, I covered the Reno Air Races in 1987 (and again a year later). I promptly produced three photo books for Osprey and Airlife and got my Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) in 1990.

AT-6 Harvard aircraft racing above the Nevada desert during the National Championship Air Races, 1987.

For one reason or another, I didn’t fly nearly as much as I wanted to and, in 2003, piloted a plane for the last time, having logged just over 200 hours.

Giving up flying was a hard thing to do, and I basically turned my back on aviation for a long time. I set up this blog initially as a way of selling my aviation memorabilia – something I never quite got round to doing.

And then, for some reason, I discovered a desire to fly again. Regaining my pilot’s licence isn’t possible, but there’s always the virtual realm.

Aviator on the BBC Micro

I got into flight sims with Aviator on the BBC Micro and then Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.0, and played it regularly through to version 4.0 – mostly on the PC but also on the Atari ST.

Things seem to have moved on a bit since then.

I now have X-Plane 11, Flight Simulator X (FSX) and DCS World installed on my PC, although it’s X-Plane I turn to mostly.

This blog is intended to be a kind of journal, relating my experiences as I explore flight simming. And I’ll also use it to share other thoughts and memories.

So, what you’re going to find here includes:

  • Experiences and opinions (I have lots of those) about flight sims and simming.
  • Recreations of some of my real-world flights – particularly from when I was training for my PPL – using X-Plane or FSX.
  • A few aviation-related stories from my past.
  • Some aviation photographs from my photolibrary, with accompanying stories.
  • Photos and details of my aviation memorabilia and library.
  • And whatever else comes to mind, so long as it has an aviation connection.

It would be great to have you along on the ride. To ensure you don’t miss a post, go to the home page and look in the right-hand column for the subscription form, or use the RSS feed.

Oh, and why The Outside Lomcovak Club? An ‘outside lomcovak’ doesn’t make much sense, does it? Well, you’ll have to read my novel Lady Caine to understand.