I’ve been a professional writer and photographer all my working life, which has been going on for some time now. My current gig as a journalist is as editor of a couple of professional journals focusing on cyber-security. As a photographer, my main interest is in landscape.

My current books are all published by Webvivant Press, which I created with a small group of like-minded writers.


Finistère Insolite

A photographic journey through the wild, dramatic yet often sublime landscapes of the most tempestuous department of Brittany, France. These photographs celebrate the untamed rawness of the terrain while also finding moments of great beauty and tranquility. And they explore the scale of the environment and our place in it.

The 113 photographs are mostly in colour plus some rich black & white images. The book is lavishly printed on high-quality paper.

Many of the images featured in the book are also for sale as high-quality art prints. These are hand-printed to order and are available direct from the photographer.

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Black Project

This is a story of strange craft, dark conspiracies, an out of control government and people pushed to the very edge of understanding. It’s also very funny.

Dick Kennedy is a reporter for a supermarket tabloid, the only journalist on the paper who takes his job seriously. He yearns for contact with otherwordly forces but is constantly defeated by mundane reality and his own scepticism.

Kate MacMillan is an engineer engaged on highly classified government black projects. But she has even darker secrets of her own that are threatening to catch up with her.

They both come into contact with a dark secret that both realises their dreams and confirms their nightmares.

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Lady Caine

A strange cast of misfits is on the hunt for a missing pilot – either for what he has or what he knows.

The story is set in 1995, as the War on Drugs exerts its increasingly bizarre effects on the farcical underworld of narcotics contraband.

In Colombia, tenth-rate drug lords make desperate bids for glory – mostly by betraying each other. For them, the pilot holds the key to power. In Florida, a disillusioned crew of ex-smugglers is intent on rescuing a friend, while dealing with a society that is afraid of getting old and handling it badly. And a decaying mercenary is tracking the pilot too, for reasons more personal than even he realises.

Each member of this weird posse poses a threat to the others. But their greatest danger comes from their own egos, paranoia, incompetence and inability to cope.

The result is a strange and hilarious adventure on the wilder fringes of international drug crime.

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Aviation (out of print)

These books were published in the years 1988-1990 and are, alas, long out of print. But you might be able to find copies secondhand.

Cherry Point

A photographic portrait of US Marine Corps Air Station MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina, US.

It focuses mainly on the aircraft – particularly the AV-8B Harrier II, but also the TAV-8B, A-6E Intruder, EA-6B Prowler, KC-130F Hercules and others.

Published by Osprey (UK) and Motorbooks (US).

Kaneohe Bay

Another photographic portrait, this time of US Marine Corps Air Station MCAS Kaneohe Bay, on Oahu, Hawaii.

The star is the F/A-18 Hornet, plus RF-4C Phantom II, EA-6B Prowler, CH-46 Sea Knight, CH-53D Sea Stallion and more.

Published by Osprey (UK) and Motorbooks (US).

Photographing Aeroplanes

A ‘how to’ book on the best way of capture the beauty of aircraft, from balloons to fast jets.

Includes profiles of three leading aviation photographers – Charles Brown, George Hall and Norman Pealing.

Published by Airlife (UK) and Motorbooks (US).