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ContraRisk Security Podcast 0012: Phishing & security awareness

» Listen or download now on the podcasts page » Phishing clearly works and is on the rise. It’s often the first step in targeted attacks – so-called Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Why has it become so popular with attackers? “I think that you’re attacking the soft underbelly of the organisation, which is the human,” explains Joe Ferrara, CEO of Wombat Security… Read more »

ContraRisk Security Podcast 0009: Social engineering

» Listen now or download on the podcasts page » Do we focus too much on security and not enough on people? Social engineering is an age-old problem, but it’s not going away. And while many threats that exploit social engineering can be as crude as a badly spelled phishing email, there is a trend toward more targeted campaigns that are… Read more »