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Android security: surviving the toxic hellstew

With an 87% global market share, it’s no wonder that Android devices are attracting malware authors like circling vultures – much to Apple’s delight. There’s a kind of hackers’ arms race going on as they compete to plant nastier and nastier bugs on Android phones. The latest arrival is ransomware, which infects and encrypts your files then (sometimes) releases your… Read more »

Toggle Mobile: free and ultra-low cost cellular roaming services

Every so often a product or service comes along that offers a number of serious advantages, and the latest in that long line – for me, and anyone that travels outside of the UK on a regular basis – is Toggle Mobile. If you’ve ever used your mobile phone outside of the UK, you may have encountered the resultant `bill… Read more »

Mobile content is big business – but how can the networks cope?

MVNOs – mobile virtual network operators – always tend to offer some of the most attractive PAYG (pay-as-you-go) deals in most countries of the world. Here in the UK, one of the most interesting offers comes from GiffGaff – a viral MVNO that offers support via an online community of elders, with back up from the MVNO’s parent, Telefonica O2…. Read more »