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Review: Success Strategies from Women in STEM

Edited by Peggy A Pritchard and Christine Grant. Second edition, published by Academic Press. ISBN: 9780123971814. Price: €31.95, 518pgs, paperback. Ada Lovelace Day seems an appropriate time to publish this review. The domains of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have often been difficult environments for women. And while great strides have been made in realising the previously untapped potential… Read more »

Review: Instant Penetration Testing

By Vyacheslav Fadyushin. Published by: Packt Publishing. ISBN: 1849694125. 88pgs. Print & e-book editions. Penetration testing is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill. Greater security awareness, high-profile hacks of major organisations and, above all, growing compliance requirements all mean that more firms than ever are performing security audits. So it’s a skill worth acquiring. And even if you have no ambition to become… Read more »

Review: BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing

Vivek Ramachandran. Published by Packt Publishing (ISBN: 978-1-849515-58-0). Price: $49.99, 208pgs, paperback. It says something for the ubiquitious nature of wifi that this subject warrants a book to itself. Wireless networks are everywhere – some would argue they’re in too many places. And as we discuss in the article on pg.14 of this issue, the technologies that are supposed to… Read more »