Submitting articles to Network Security and Computer Fraud & Security

Please note: We require first rights to the article, so it must not have appeared anywhere else (including the web). We can use a modified version of a previously published article providing there are significant changes – preferably additions.

All articles must be accompanied by a signed copyright agreement – included in the Contributor’s Pack.

We also need a high-res headshot of each author (minimum size 500 pixels per side) and a professional biography detailing experience and qualifications (50-75 words).

We don’t run ‘advertorial’ pieces – we like the articles to be issue-driven and supported by facts & figures with references (eg, reports, papers, surveys or studies). And we like the pieces to be highly detailed and as technical as the subject allows. There’s always room to include case studies as examples but without reference to specific vendors or products.

There is no payment for articles, but we do give full attribution, including a short biography and link to your organisation.

Generally, it’s better if you don’t start writing until we’ve had a chance to discuss your idea. That way, we can ensure that the content is perfectly matched to the publication and our readership. Once we’ve agreed on a subject, I can then provide you with a fuller brief that will help you plan your article.

If you’ve already written a paper or article, feel free to submit it, but also indicate whether it has been published or offered elsewhere (including on the web) and whether you’d be prepared to rework it to our style and approach.

Important: We prefer articles to be at least 2,000 words long. We can accommodate shorter pieces (eg, 1,500) – but those articles sometimes get delayed because it’s more difficult to find a suitable publication slot. We frequently run pieces up to 4,500 words, which is our maximum.

If you would like to submit an idea for an article, here’s the best way to proceed:

  • First read the NS-CFS Writer‘s Guide, which will help you understand how we approach our subjects and the supporting materials we need (author picture, bio, etc).
  • Email me with a set of bullet points outlining the subject, what angle you would take, what ground you would cover and what material (eg, reports, case studies, etc) you would reference.