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Special Issues

From time to time we run themed issues of Network Security and Computer Fraud & Security. We welcome byline article contributions.

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— Special issues to be announced soon —


Please note that there are two deadlines for each issue.

The first is the deadline by which I need your offer of an article (and it’s important that this is a firm offer of an article you’re sure you can deliver). You can, of course, make your offer sooner if you’d prefer. 🙂 I’ll respond to all offers within a few days of this deadline.

The second deadline – for delivery of copy – is typically a month later.


What I need to know, by the first deadline, is:

  • The specific angle of the article you’d like to offer. Although the issue has an overall theme, it’s very important that each article has a particular angle, or explores a specific sub-topic. I can’t run five or six general pieces on the same subject. Preference will be given to articles that have a unique take.
  • A brief outline of the ground you plan to cover – some bullet points will do.
  • The length of article you can submit. I have a fixed space in the issue and therefore need to select a mix of articles that will exactly fill the space. The minimum word length is 1,500 words, maximum 3,500 words. It’s extremely important that you deliver the number of words you promised, otherwise I’ll end up with blank pages!

As with all articles in NS and CFS, I need pieces that have not been published elsewhere, including the web. We need non-exclusive, first-use rights.


You can find full guidelines for articles at: https://mansfield-devine.com/contrarisk/home/ns-cfs-writers-guide/

Please do read the guidelines in full, but some of the most important points include:

  • Copy must be vendor-neutral, with no mention of company or products in the text. (The author will have a bio at the end that can contain a URL for the company.)
  • No first-person.
  • We likes lots of facts’n’figures with, for example, references to reports, research etc.

The copy must be accompanied by:

  • A bio (up to 75 words) for the author.
  • A high-res headshot of the author.
  • A signed & scanned copy of our copyright release (this is very important). You can find this at the guidelines link above.
  • Any relevant illustrations that you have available – graphs, charts, diagrams, screengrabs. We don’t use ‘conceptual’ images.

If, for any reason, I can’t use the article you put forward in the special issue, it’s probable I can use it in another issue. (And, of course, even if you can’t contribute to the special editions, I’m still always interested in contributions on different subjects for other issues.)

Proposals should be mailed to: smd@h4xr.com