Special issues

Computer Fraud & Security • Network Security

Special Issues

From time to time we run themed issues of Network Security and Computer Fraud & Security. The special issues currently planned are:


Network Security, September issue – Nation State Threats

Deadline for final copy: 20 August

What do we know about state-sponsored or nation-state mounted threats? What sort of attacks are we seeing? How do you analyse the risk? How do you respond as a private organisation or as a government? What about the attribution problem? How is the situation evolving?


Guidelines for submitting

It’s important that your proposed article has a specific angle and doesn’t try to address the whole topic. I can’t have 5-6 articles all going over the same ground! My preference will be for those pieces that take a deep look at a particular facet. The more focused the article the more likely it is I can use it.

With your article suggestions I need the following:

  • A brief outline of the ground you’d like to cover and the specific angle.
  • How long the feature will be (give or take 100 words).

The word count is critical because I have a fixed space to fill and need to get the right mix of feature lengths. For this reason, I also need you to stick to the promised length! (I mean, I know you’d do that anyway, but, you know…)

Articles must be a minimum of 1,500 words and can be as long as 3,000 words.

If, for any reason, I can’t use the article you put forward in the special issue, it’s probable I can use it in another issue. (And, of course, even if you can’t contribute to the special editions, I’m still always interested in contributions on different subjects for other issues.)

When the final piece is supplied, all articles need to be accompanied by:

  • A short author bio (up to 75 words) and a high-res headshot for each author.
  • A signed & scanned copy of the copyright release (available in the contributor’s pack).
  • Any relevant illustrations. We don’t use ‘conceptual’ images – just graphs, charts and diagrams. We can often create the graphs or diagrams ourselves if reference or data (eg, a spreadsheet) is provided.

The articles need to match our usual guidelines – for example, by being vendor-neutral. Please do read the guidelines available here: https://mansfield-devine.com/contrarisk/contribs/

And pretty please … don’t promise an article unless you know you can deliver by the deadline! If I reserve a slot, it will cause major problems if a piece drops out at the last minute.

As with all contributed features in NS and CFS it’s important the article has not been used anywhere (including the web), although we can accept a unique version of an article, especially if it is an extended version. We need first publication rights.

Proposals should be mailed to: news@contrarisk.com

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