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Caller ID withheld? Don’t make me laugh…

Last month I discovered I’d lost my EHIC – European Health Insurance Card – whilst travelling through Manchester airport. I don’t know what happened – I think it left behind whilst I was I replacing my belt, shoes, jacket, wallet, mobile phone and other pretty pathetic stuff the public have to endure in the name of security whilst traversing the… Read more »

The race for 4G heats up – thanks to the liberalisation of the wavebands

I managed to get my hands on one of the latest LTE (4G) portable modems from EE – the new name for the Orange and T-Mobile combination cellcos – and have been putting the Huawei 5776 unit through its paces. In an idle moment at the weekend I downloaded the technical specifications of the unit and nearly dropped my coffee,… Read more »

In The Year 2020

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I was talking to a colleague at a major ISP earlier this year about where the Internet is heading – and chatting about the topic of security in the Year 2020 – a topic that I’ve been talking to the Great and the Good in the IT industry about this last few months to great effect. And as you might… Read more »

Toggle Mobile: free and ultra-low cost cellular roaming services

Every so often a product or service comes along that offers a number of serious advantages, and the latest in that long line – for me, and anyone that travels outside of the UK on a regular basis – is Toggle Mobile. If you’ve ever used your mobile phone outside of the UK, you may have encountered the resultant `bill… Read more »

Mobile content is big business – but how can the networks cope?

MVNOs – mobile virtual network operators – always tend to offer some of the most attractive PAYG (pay-as-you-go) deals in most countries of the world. Here in the UK, one of the most interesting offers comes from GiffGaff – a viral MVNO that offers support via an online community of elders, with back up from the MVNO’s parent, Telefonica O2…. Read more »